20 May 2014


I've been spending a lot of time gardening since the weather turned nice - planted lots of veggies in our small patch. We lost about 40 small salad leaf plants to slugs - same as last year - so may not plant them again. They seemed to prefer to be grown in the containers rather than in the ground so maybe that's the trick.

Had to stop and sit in the sunshine and sketch my tools though...

15 May 2014

un-named flower

I can't think of its name! It's been on the tip of my tongue for a couple of days but I just can't remember. Grrr!

9 May 2014


I'm going to have these for dinner tonight but before I do I thought I'd sketch them...

I used Derwent Graphitint water-soluble pencils - not my favourite medium but they were quite useful for getting the stripy effect. 

8 May 2014


Tried my hand at a little botanical study! I had no idea what this was when I picked it at the edge of a field planted with rape but when I got home and consulted my wild flower guide I found it's a Thorow-wax. Strange name but fascinating plant. It's an umbellifer which is part of the carrot family.

Still trying to get the hang of writing in my journal with the dip pen!

6 May 2014

drawings of Rosie

I've been trying to draw my beautiful Irish Wolfhound, Rosie, for one of the classes in Sketch Book Skool . Luckily she's been staying still for me because her cousin, a border collie, came to visit yesterday and wore her out! Here are my attempts

I did them both using a Pilot Lettering Pen 2.0 - it's a lovely pen to use for gesture drawing like this.

2 May 2014


M. Graham watercolours, pen and ink. I did the writing with a dip pen which takes a bit of getting used to as it makes blots all over the place. I don't mind that though. Pity I had trouble spelling 'choice' - I tried to cover my mistake but it didn't work!