30 Apr 2014


I really enjoyed doing this page. It's part of the Sketch Book Skool course and this week it's Jane LaFazio whose work I absolutely love. This was all to do with composition - where to put each element on the page to make a balanced whole.

I loved the challenge of painting the garlic which was quite detailed and fiddly but it really made me look at the subjects more fully than I'm apt to normally!

15 Apr 2014

ready to start stitching

This is my piece for my Mastered course and I'm all ready to start stitching. I've transferred the design onto a piece of linen using tacking stitches and have stapled it to the frame - good and tight.

I've chosen my colours and the only thing I'm not too sure about still is whether to use Perle cotton no. 5 or no. 8. The whole thing will be stitched in twisted chain to try to preserve the painterly feel and this stitch will also be robust enough to take the wear and tear a cushion has to put up with. I may do a little more sampling before I start because I don't want to get it wrong.

9 Apr 2014

sketch book skool

I'm doing Danny Gregory's (et al) Sketch Book Skool course and these are the sketches I've done so far this week. Each week there's a different teacher with different styles and I'm really enjoying it so far. I have a huge amount of respect for Danny.