13 Nov 2012

Beech Tree

The beech tree in our garden in its full flush of autumn beauty. After the huge storm we had in 1987, while we were clearing and logging all the fallen pine trees in the garden, we found a tiny beech shoot just by the side of the log pile we were making. We were very careful not to disturb it or cover it with logs and this is what we got for our care.

Actually, I think this is out of focus - that or my glasses are dirty :-)

9 Nov 2012


Waiter setting a table in the dining car of the steam train. I think that's me in the reflection!

5 Nov 2012

2 Nov 2012

Crab apples

I know I should be making crab apple jelly with all these windfalls which fall into our driveway from a neighbouring property, but it's such a fiddly job. Much easier to photograph them (or at least to play around and experiment with photographing them!)