26 Apr 2011


The wonderful sunny weather we've been having here in the UK has allowed me to take lots of photographs using the light as it filters through leaves and petals. I love the vibrant blue of this. It's another flower I can't remember the name of, but it's very short lived and very beautiful. There is probably a lesson in that somewhere!

22 Apr 2011


Today's Earth Day and I nearly forgot all about it. To remind me what it's about I took a walk around my garden, marvelling at all the wonderful new growth and sudden colour that's arrived. Then I baked a loaf of bread to celebrate the best things in life.

This is the first of my clematis plants to flower - I can't remember its name but it's white and has dark leaves shaped a little like oak leaves. The stamens in the centre are a very delicate pale green but I thought it looked dramatic in black and white.

21 Apr 2011


After reading Kat's brilliant post this morning, Rimmed with Light, I rushed out to see if I could find a subject to experiment with. Unfortunately the sun (yes, we're in the middle of a very strange and early summer here in the UK!) was a little too high by then so I couldn't get the exact effect I was looking for. But I loved this photograph so much because of the beautiful colour of the foliage with the sun shining through that I thought I'd post it anyway and then try again later this evening when the sun is low again.

19 Apr 2011


I love taking photos of interesting bark. This was taken a couple of weeks ago in the transition between winter and spring so it still has those lovely pinky colours of winter grass in the background. And a few little dead things still hanging around :-)

18 Apr 2011


At sleep and a bit out of focus! Those paws are absolutely huge - completely out of proportion with the rest of her. I think it's a bit like white shoes making your feet look bigger - these white socks make hers look bigger too.

At play. She took all her toys outside into the sunshine, one by one.

Sorry folks - I'll try not to be too doggy for too long!

17 Apr 2011


This is my new Irish Wolfhound puppy, Rosie. She's 13 weeks old and we just brought her home today. This shows her fast asleep in the crate we've erected in the kitchen for her (she's the grey one, not the pink one!). The pink pig is a toy I bought for her which is apparently indestructible! I give it about two weeks!! I hope the eyes go first - they're a bit scary :-)

No doubt there will be more photos of Rosie as she grows up with Misty.

15 Apr 2011


Not really in the full flush of its youth is it? But intriguing - I'd love to know what's inside but it's on private land so I couldn't go exploring.

13 Apr 2011


It's amazing what people will dump in the countryside. This old JCB is slowly rotting away in amongst the spring foliage breaking out around it. Death amongst life!

12 Apr 2011

11 Apr 2011


Lunch today - rye bread and hummus. I didn't make the bread but I did make the hummus!

8 Apr 2011


We're having the most beautiful spring weather here in the south of England - more like summer really. The grass in my garden is growing fast and looking lush and hopeful - later on in the summer it will begin to dry out as the pine trees drink all the moisture but for now it's looking just lovely.

5 Apr 2011


I'm not sure whether these are about to be flowers, or are berries. I'll keep my eye on them and see what happens. We have a huge ivy growing around one of our pine trees and it's full of these clusters.

4 Apr 2011


A splash of colour for a change. I loved the bright hues of these fishing nets. Taken a couple of years ago at Dunbar in southern Scotland.

2 Apr 2011


The dark background is a beech hedge which is still in its winter colours of brown. It'll be a while before its new leaves push the old, dead ones off but by then these lovely delicate spires of blossom will have gone.

1 Apr 2011


This was my lunch today. A bowl of yogurt with raspberries, grapes and a sprinkling of oat bran. Yummy!