27 Feb 2009

Urban landscape

A row of houses - purely imaginary, but had fun doing these. Ink and watercolour on Langton watercolour paper. I'm rather fond of the birdies :-)

19 Feb 2009


Just messing around with the concept of February. Pen and ink, acrylic ink, fluid acrylics, Pitt Artists Pens.

18 Feb 2009

Casa Estrella

These are a couple of sketches I did while we were staying in Spain last week. The weather was cold and blowy for most of the week we stayed but, after the first night, at least it was dry.

The villa is in the hills outside Velez Malaga on the Costa del Sol, on the edge of a village called Canillas de Acietuno which, I think, means village (or town) of olives.

Unfortunately the fire didn't work and it was VERY cold in the house. We tried to heat it using the air conditioning but it is a large and high space and difficult to get warm. So we bought an electric bar fire in the village and huddled round that! Bit like being at home really!!

2 Feb 2009

Cells and Shells

My lovely new cell phone. It's a Nokia E71. Of course, the real thing isn't all wobbly looking like this. It's bright and shiny (neither of which I know how to sketch!) and has white keys and I've hung my little red heart charm onto it. Aahhh! I think I should have sketched the instruction manual along with it because I've spent more time pouring over that than I have using the phone so far. It's SO much easier to text with proper keys - well I think so anyway. I won't say what else it does but suffice it to say it doesn't make the tea... yet...

This painting of my dish of shells was for EDM 207 - Draw a Shell. I think I should have done just that, rather than try to draw a whole bunch of shells! One day I may find my style. In fact, one day I may find out how to sketch :-)

But since I totally enjoy doing it I don't think it really matters what the final sketch looks like and I'm working on the theory that the more I sketch the better it'll get. Mind you, looking back over my sketch book I'm not too sure of that!! Still, gotta keep at it. Going on holiday to Spain later this week and will make sure I keep my sketchbook with me all the time and practice, practice, practice.